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Realme announces 8Pro mobile with 108 megapixel camera

The device and its innovative camera system have been unveiled at an international event of the brand held online, the Camera Innovation Event.

Realme has presented its first 108MP camera that will be integrated into its next 8 series of mobiles, characterized by providing sharper shots and improvements in the time-lapse video function.

The company has reported that the Realme 8 Pro will feature Samsung’s 108MP HM2 sensor as the main camera, with 12000 x 9000 pixels and a size of 1 / 1.52 “, this larger size of the pixels provides better image quality. The HM2 supports 9-in-1 pixel binning , ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO, which will allow you to capture photos in different lighting conditions.

The 108MP photos of the upcoming Realme 8 Pro model have a balanced exposure with vivid colors and sharp details even when zoomed. Based on the 108MP sensor, the company has developed different configurations to optimize the camera to the maximum and add exclusive features.

Applied Technologies
One of the problems of smartphone cameras is the loss of quality when zooming, which is solved in Realme with In-sensor Zoom technology. The camera of this device, with the three magnification mode, activates the In-sensor Zoom , which maps a 12 megapixel area to generate an image, and the processing is faster due to the smaller size in the 12MP photo.

Capture eight 12MP photos in a row and then go through the enhancement algorithm to increase image clarity.

The constellation way to capture the starry sky video with time-lapse mode. Time-lapse videos that capture the night sky are typically made by recording multiple clips with professional cameras, and then synthesizing and combining these clips on a computer using video editing software .

The development of this type of time-lapse videos are a real challenge due to the amount of professional resources that are needed to carry them out.

The new Realme camera has devised a time-lapse video algorithm based on starry sky photos. It takes 480 seconds to take 30 photos and then outputs a 1s video, which means that the mode can display the changes of the universe at 480 times faster speed.

Tilt-shift photography, also called diorama effect, is one in which only part of the photo appears clear and all other parts can be kept out of focus to create a sensation of photographing miniature objects, as if it were a model. The 8 series photography algorithm takes diorama effect photos as well as diorama effect videos 10 times faster. You can also combine time-lapse video with tilt-shift effect.

Provides the ability to modify settings such as the shape, angle, position and size of the bokeh effect , and even the transition effect between the blurred area and the lighter area. In this way it is possible to customize the blur effect that best suits the moment you are photographing.

Filter in portrait mode
Most of today’s smartphones take portrait mode photos with a bokeh or background blur effect . The 8 series incorporates three new filters: neon portrait, dynamic blur portrait and AI color portrait to make each photo unique and original.

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