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Reasons Why Mask Dry Out The Lips And Cause Boceras

The skin of the lips is thin, sensitive and fragile and, as it does not have melanin and sebaceous glands, it does not have protection against external aggressions, which is why it is a vulnerable area. Extreme weather conditions such as cold, sun or wind have always been great enemies of the llabios. However, the climate has been joined by a new enemy: masks .

The continued use of the mask causes the lips to be more dry, with cracks and dead skin and they can even suffer painful wounds at the ends. These boceras , medically called cheilitis , are small wounds that appear at the corner of the lips and are caused by the growth of fungi and bacteria, when the lips are frequently moistened with saliva to alleviate the sensation of dry lips and tightness. Saliva evaporates quickly, leaving enzymes on the lips that dry out, irritate and cause chapping.

In addition, we must add the sweating that occurs in the perioral area due to the continued use of a mask that produces heat and humidity; the mouth breathing is more common with it, because it seems to lack oxygen; the friction with the material of the mask or the use of permanent bars lips to avoid smearing and staining mask.

The most advisable thing to avoid boceras is to hydrate the lips well with a lip balm so as not to have to resort to constantly moistening them. Although it can be applied as many times as you need it, it is important to do it in the morning, before putting on the mask and makeup, and at night, it is also advisable to apply a good layer to let it act and maximize hydration, nourishing , regenerating and softening the lips during the hours of sleep.

Lip cream with Sun Protection factor (SPF 15)
For this, the ideal is a lipstick with a light texture, in this way you ensure that it penetrates well into the deeper layers of the lips, such as Blistex Lip Relief Cream. It is a lip cream with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15 to protect the lips from harmful UVB rays.

In addition, this highly hydrating lipstick regenerates, soothes and soothes lips with severe dehydration, cracks and / or burns. Its exclusive formula is also effective in preventing and softening the irritation and stinging caused by cold sores, cold sores and cold sores , leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness thanks to its excellent active ingredients: Beeswax, a natural emollient, nourishes and softens the skin.

Camphor soothes and soothes lips, leaving a minty sensation.
Shea butter: skin conditioner . Glycerin: natural skin moisturizer.
Allantoin : protects the fine skin of the lips.
Mint : provides immediate freshness.

It is advisable to apply the lip balm before putting on the mask. If you feel discomfort on the lips, you can reapply regularly , as often as necessary.

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