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Relaxing Saturday For Laporta Font And Freixa

After the longest campaign in the history of Barça, the day of reflection arrived. The three candidates ( Joan Laporta, Víctor Font and Toni Freixa) , who aspire to occupy the chair left empty by Josep Maria Bartomeu on October 27, were taken off on Saturday .

A Saturday to be, above all, with the family after a frantic last week where they have fought three debates (the one about the Barça World Confederation of Peñas de Peñas, that of RAC-1 and the last one, that of TV3) , in addition to hurrying until the last second to present his project in search of the votes that will make him the 42nd president in the history of Barça.

20,633 members have already voted by mail, which is 43% of those who did so in person in the 2015 elections

Laporta went to a bar in the center of Barcelona, accompanied by Álex Santos, his communication manager. He took advantage of the noon to have an aperitif, already totally relaxed, waiting for the law to be dictated by the Barça members this Sunday.

The polls, distributed in six locations, will open at nine in the morning and close at nine at night. But 20,663 male and female members have already voted by mail, which is 43% of those who voted in person in the 2015 elections.

Font , for his part, left his home in Granollers wearing a sweatshirt from Open Arms, the NGO whose main mission is to protect the lives of the most vulnerable in emergency situations. A red sweatshirt, but similar to the gray one, also from Open Arms, which Pep Guardiola , the Manchester City manager,usually wears. Font got lost pedaling through the streets of the capital of Vallés Oriental accompanied by his wife.

Toni Freixa , who already announced in the TV-3 debate his intention to play sports in this day of reflection, transmitted a message through his social networks urging him to see him again, convinced that he was the great winner of that last appointment between the three candidates.

The outcome, around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday
On Sunday the three will come to cast their votes , practically as soon as the polls open. All will do it, for health protocol reasons, at table 17, located in the main tribune of the Camp Nou, right next to the entrance to the presidential box. The first will be Laporta (10.00 in the morning); then it will be Freixa’s turn (10.45 am) and finally Font will come (11.15 am).

They are the fourteenth elections that the club lives, the eighth with universal suffrage since it was established in 1978

The scrutiny will end around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday where the 42nd president in the 121-year history of Barça will be officially known, the man who must lead the sporting and economic reconstruction of the club. It is also about historic elections because, for the first time, they are held in a decentralized manner and in the midst of a pandemic.

From Núñez to …..
They are the fourteenth elections that Barça has experienced since 1953, when the first pseudo-democratic elections were held (all male members voted) and they are the eighth with universal suffrage. In 1978 the first ones were held where Josep Lluís Núñez prevailed , automatically re-elected twice (1981 and 1985) because no other candidacy was presented.

In 1989, Núñez defeated Sixte Cambra . In 1993 he is re-elected, again, having no rival. And in 1997 he surpassed Ángel Fernández . After spending 22 years as president, he resigned and in the 2000 elections, Joan Gaspart, who had been his sports vice president, prevailed.

In 2003 Joan Laporta burst into office (27,138 votes), then Sandro Rosell took office in 2010, with 35,021 votes, and in 2015 Bartomeu won by gathering 25,823 votes.

Now, Laporta, 18 years later, is fighting to be president again against Font , who has undergone his first electoral process as a candidate, and Freixa , who attends his second elections after being released in 2015.

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