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Ring Introduces Video Doorbell Pro 2 With 3D Motion Detection Technology

Ring Introduces Video Doorbell Pro 2 with 3D Motion Detection Technology.

The device adds functions such as 3D motion detection or panoramic vision, as well as radar technology and aerial map view.

The Ring company just announced its new Video Doorbell Pro 2 that features innovative 3D motion technology, color night vision, and customizable privacy features. Add a video feature that detects in HD the entirety of who is at the door, that is, full body. 3D motion detection technology and bird’s eye view offer more information about what is happening in your homes.

Radar technology
The Video Doorbell Pro 2 uses radar sensors to detect and identify objects and also allows you to customize the areas of the property that users want to cover, selecting distance thresholds. Radar sensors are able to determine when an object crosses the boundary by measuring its specific distance from the camera. This is activated only when that threshold is crossed and sends users a movement alert on their mobile.

The 3D motion detection provides the panoramic vision function that provides an aerial view of the moving events on the map, showing a history of the nature of the map. This is a novelty that provides more context and information about what is happening at home at any time.

In the words of Jamie Siminoff , inventor and founder of Ring: “3D motion detection and bird’s eye view are the next step in home security and will set a new standard in motion detection. With the introduction of these features based on radar technology we are reinventing what our devices can do ”.

In real time
The device makes it possible to control the front door remotely and in real time. In addition to 3D motion detection and panoramic vision, it includes a full-body field of view, 1536p HD video, and a microphone that limits sound distortion.

Like all Ring products, this one has been designed with privacy and security in mind. The Ring app makes it easy to customize specific privacy and security settings. From this you can configure 3D motion detection thresholds that trigger an event, customizable motion zones and privacy zones, to exclude areas of the camera’s field of view from video capture, guaranteeing privacy.

Price and availability
Video Doorbell Pro 2 will be available from March 31 at a price of € 249.

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