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Salvador Illa Sees Pere Aragonès Politically Weakened After Failed Investiture

Salvador Illa sees Pere Aragonès ‘politically weakened’ after the failed investiture. The former Minister of Health reiterates that he will ask the president of the Parliament to give him the option of running for the investiture of the Generalitat as the most voted candidate in the recent elections.

Salvador Illa , former Minister of Health and PSC candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat de Catakunya, stated this Saturday in a ceremony held in Canovelles (Barcelona) that the president of ERC, Pere Aragonès , is ” politically weakened” after the failed inauguration on March 30th.

According to Illa, “Aragonès attended an investiture and was defeated in two sessions . He was the candidate with the fewest votes in an investiture . Given the” confrontational approach “represented, in his opinion, by the pro-independence parties, Illa has once again claiming itself as the “alternative” that Catalonia needs “as the winner of the elections.”

The socialist candidate has asked that he be given “the opportunity” to form “a Government of public servants” that deals with “defeating the virus” and ” reactivating and transforming” the economy , and for this reason he has reiterated that he will return to tell the president of the Parliament , Laura Borràs, that she wants to appear for the investiture. “I have spoken with all the formations , except Vox, and my will is the one already expressed, I have the legitimacy to do so.”

“I want to demand that some political parties get off the bus of confrontation , that they stop making badges of good and bad Catalans and that the Government is formed and that concrete and real problems can be addressed,” explained the former Minister of Health in a press conference given after an event held in the town of Canovelles (near Granollers).

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