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Scott Hall: Tributes Have Been Given To WWE Superstar Razor Ramon, Who Passed Away At The Age Of 63

WWE superstar Scott ‘Razor Ramon Hall, who passed away at the age of 63, has received tributes.

After media speculation of his lousy health arose over the weekend, World Wrestling Entertainment tweeted that it was “heartbroken” to discover his death.

Scott’s life support will be “delisted” after his family is “in place,” as per his friend and colleague wrestling partner Kevin Nash.

Kevin wrote on Monday, “I have to prepare my life without him in the present.”

“I’ve been lucky to have a friend who embraced me as I am.”

Scott, 63, came to popularity in the 1990s beside Hulk Hogan and Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman.

In 2014, he was welcomed into the WWE Ring of Honor.

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According to another pro-wrestling website PW Torch, he had hip replacement surgery after fracturing his hip in early March, but troubles developed due to a thrombus.

Wrestling legends from the past and present paid tribute to Scott following his death.

Triple H, a 14-time world champion, stated he’d run into Scott ‘down the road.’

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According to Mick Foley, Scott had been “a legend inside and outside the ring.”

Shane McMahon wrote that he was “perhaps the greatest to ever perform in the squared circle”.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson tweeted before the news of Scott’s death broke:  “We need the “bad guy” back in the game” – a reference to Scott’s Hall of Fame speech from 2014.

‘Say Hello to The Bad Guy’

Scott Oliver Hall (October 20, 1958 – March 14, 2022) was a professional wrestler in the United States.

Hall emerged in the National Wrestling Alliance’s (NWA) Florida region Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF) in 1984 and started developing a rivalry with Dusty Rhodes. In Florida, he and Dan Spivey trained together (mainly under Rhodes, but also under Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham). 

When it came time for them to make their tag team debut, Rhodes assigned them to Jim Crockett’s Charlotte, North Carolina region. They made their debut as American Starship, with Hall going by the ring moniker Starship Coyote and Spivey going by the nickname Starship Eagle. 

Scott Hall’s career spanned three decades, starting in 1984 and finishing in 2016.

In 1992, he entered the WWE, then known as the World Competing Federation, and began wrestling under Razor Ramon.

His nickname “Say hello to The Bad Guy” was prompted by a statement from Al Pacino’s character Tony Montana in the film Scarface.

In 1996, he drifted away from the WWF for rival promoter World Championship Wrestling (WCW), where he co-founded the New World Order with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash.

Scott won four WWF Intercontinental Championships, two WCW United States Heavyweight Championships, one WCW World Television Championship, and nine WCW World Tag Team Championships.

He was elected into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 as a member of the group of 2014 and again in 2020 as a member of the NWO.

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