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Sean Young Debuts The Seediest ‘Exploitation’ Ever From ‘Dune’

Sean Young debuts the seediest ‘exploitation’ ever from ‘Dune’. After having played Chani in the version of David Lynch, the actress participates in ‘Planet Dune’, a ‘mockbuster’ with the seal of The Asylum (‘Sharknado’). The other ‘Dune’: from Jodorowsky to Villeneuve via Lynch. David Lynch’s ‘Dune’: Worm Droppings or Misunderstood Movie?

Firewood of the fallen tree is sad, I know, but it’s there: after having played Chani in the Dune of David Lynch, Sean Young has returned to science fiction with vast deserts and worms giant … in Planet Dune , an exploitation shot to take advantage of the pull of Denis Villeneuve’s film.

Released under the label of The Asylum, the production company responsible for milestones such as the Sharknado saga , Transmorphers, The Da Vinci Treasure or Android Cop, Planet Dune belongs to the mockbuster genre . That is to say, those B-movies with a distant resemblance to the great releases of the studios, shot in a hurry and with infamous budgets, partly for fun and partly in case some naive viewer takes the bait.

Away from Hollywood’s premier division due to her mental problems since the early 90s, Young has ended up participating in a film whose synopsis tells of an expeditionary force that, after landing on a desert planet, is besieged by the inevitable giant sandworms. .

Thus, Planet Dune seems much closer to Tremors and its aftermath than to the saga of the Atreides, the Harkonnen and the spice Melange. Let’s hope, at least, that Sean Young got his paycheck profitable.

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