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Slow Love Fashion Firm That Sara Carbonero Has Sold To Cortefiel

In 2015, the dream of three friends who worked at Telecinco came true. Slowly, with good lyrics and with 40,000 euros, Slow Love started up , a ‘starup’ in which the young journalists Sara Carbonero and Isabel Jiménez began to sell their own collection of clothes, accessories and decoration, and Mediaset stylist Mayra del Pilar.

Although two years later the relationship with this last partner broke down and she left the project, the business continues from strength to strength today (next May it will celebrate its sixth anniversary). So much so, that Tendam , the fashion group that has brands such as Cortefiel, Piedro del Hierro, Springfield or Women’secret, has just announced that it is strengthening its portfolio of brandsincorporating Slow Love .

Good news for Carbonero, who since his return to Madrid has been devoted to his work at Radio Marca and in his fashion company, after disgust over his separation from Iker Casillas .

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero separate, according to ‘Readings’
From now on, the brand of both friends will depend operationally on the general direction of Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro and Hoss Intropia, but Sara Carbonero and Isabel Jiménez will continue to lead the creative direction and design of the firm with which both defend not only sustainable fashion and committed to the environment, but a ‘slow’, relaxed philosophy of life , in which to savor the little great moments of life.

“It is a way of seeing life with calm, delicacy and care. Far from chaos and immediacy. It is a way of appreciating time and savoring the little details. Slow Love breathes love, a lot of love, especially towards the planet”, the founders say on their website.

Natural materials and products are the backbone of the brand, and not only in its textiles, but also in everything related to ‘beauty’, jewelry, leather goods and decoration. To reinforce this ‘life style’ Carbonero and Jiménez sprinkle their Instagram account with inspiring messages such as “The future belongs to women”, “You can change the world, girl” or “Look, let’s put it this way: for me , you are number one, and there is not even number two “( Charles Bukowski ), to quote some of the latest ‘posts’.

Collaborating since the summer
In reality, Slow Love has been working with Cortefiel since last summer, but as Tendam explains in a statement , it will now see further growth thanks to its association with the group, as it will benefit from the company’s greater operating structure.

The brand is designed for “women committed to sustainable fashion with an urban folk air , a contemporary bohemian style that is understood as more than a passing trend, as a way of life that is connected to nature.”

This essence is reflected in the colors, fabrics and designs of the brand. Since its inception, the firm’s mission has been to create completely sustainable clothing. For this, its collections are designed to respect the environment by using organic materials and recycled fabrics that are environmentally friendly when washed. The brand embraces a philosophy that praises doing things “slowly” and with love: calmly, carefully and to a high standard. Slowlove is committed to the simple, but elegant.

The brand includes two lines of its own design; By S. slowlove (Woman) and Little S . (kids).

Production in Almería
Slowlove will launch its new spring / summer 2021 collection on April 8 that can be purchased -like the previous collections- on the website itself, in the e-commerce of Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro and also through physical stores of Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro.

Both colleagues are very involved in their firm and, in addition to taking care of the design of the collections, they themselves accustom themselves to wearing their clothes. Sara and Isabel have spent a few days in Cabo de Gata (Almería) to carry out the photo session for the new season.

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