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Spencer Is More About Kristen Stewart Than Lady Di

From the first scene of Spencer it is clear that the new film by Pablo Larraín, Jackie’s director , is not so much about the ill-fated Princess of Wales, who died in that tragic tunnel chased by the paparazzi, as about that other princess of the town : Kristen Stewart.

D uring five years and five films, the actress was in the eye of the media hurricane caused by the Twilight saga , a phenomenon comparable to Beatlemania, without exaggerating too much. We are talking about millions of heartbroken fans who never forgave him for “cheating” on Robert Pattinson.

English countryside. Around Sandringham House a white Porsche 911 appears , and obviously, without anyone having to touch us on the shoulder, we already know who is at the wheel.

With an outfit that is undoubtedly recognizable to Diana’s fans, Kristen appears, slightly characterized (more than anything her hairstyle, they have not gone out of hand in terms of nasal prosthesis, which would have been tremendous), and releases a “Where the Fuck Yo soy?” that, even with a very worked British accent, does not sound so typical of the princess, not even of the people, nor in the most absolute privacy (since she is alone), as of that rebel with a healthy milkshake who, in recent years, has released more than one word starting with F and showed the index to the surrounding paparazzi.

Rather than a Diana lost in the countryside, the question seems more typical of the actress who embodies it, a star of the stature of Kristen Stewart. What has he gotten himself into? Well, in a biopic of Diana of Wales, who doesn’t want to be either.

  1. ‘The Crown’
    Nobody is aware that Spencer, the film, began shooting just two and a half months after the great finale of the popular and multi-award-winning Netflix series, which aired on November 15, 2020. Even Larraín has declared himself a fan of a series who had the wisdom to put Diana Spencer, played by Emma Corrin, to skate through the palace , with Girls on Film blasting at full blast on the walkman, an image that left the ceiling too high for more imitations.

The Chilean began to roll Spencer on January 28, 2021, knowing very well what there was, and without retreating from iconic moments, already portrayed by Netflix, such as that Christmas family pose at Sandringham House, in which the princess who already She thinks about ending her unhappy marriage, she appears pregnant with melancholy.

The Chilean did not mind putting up with the comparisons, because basically Spencer is something else. If The Crown also leaves room for fiction, Larraín’s film is already a fable that, in addition to focusing almost exclusively on Diana, has a star who makes the difference: if Emma Corin is at the service of her character, Kristen Stewart will snack it.

  1. ‘Jackie’
    It is logical to think that Larraín has limited himself to repeating the play of Jackie (2016), where he followed a Jacqueline Kennedy, played by Natalie Portman, in the days that followed that fateful afternoon in Dallas. Another great lady of the 20th century walking around very recognizable dresses, in one of the crucial moments of her golden existence, infinitely advertised on coated paper.

But once again we are in the same way: that morbid fairy tale, which remains by far the best film of its director (and the best interpretation of its protagonist), was also at the service of the myth and its deconstruction, while, In Spencer, what we have are two princesses looking into each other’s eyes, a catfight won beforehand for which he already stole our hearts in Adventureland (2009).

Although Kristen Stewart was only seven years old when fame destroyed Diana of Wales, they are comparable myths in human history, or at least they were for the duration of Twilight.

  1. The specter of Lady Di
    It is already known that Larraín is a director without fear of ridicule, and in Spencer he embraces him on many occasions, from the scarecrow theme (you will see what it is about) to Timothy Spall’s vigilant butler grin, although the worst, in that sense [ATTENTION, THIS COULD BE A SPOILER], they are the appearances of Ana Bolena, with whom Diana identified, not only because she lost her mind [END OF SPOILER].

Stewart has also stated that Diana’s ghost was visiting her, in good plan, to encourage her, while the role was being prepared. But the truth is that, although Kristen is tempted by imitation at times and also knows how to give the princess a luminous humanity (especially in the scenes in which she is a mother), the actress is dedicated above all to leaving her imprint, or very recognizable trademark, on the character. There’s the famous pout, the defiant boredom look, and the tilted head (although it is fair to admit that Lady Di tilted well too).

The ectoplasmic note also rhymes with the richest and most polysemic of Personal Shopper (Olivier Assayas, 2016), a film much thought for the deconstruction of the Stewart myth in woman, actress and star. The parallelism between the two films helps us not to see so much Spencer as a regular movie – let alone a biopic – as an installation with Kristen Stewart in the center, an actress who only incidentally (like a Louis Vuitton bag ) plays Lady Di.

  1. The People’s Princess
    Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartRobert Pattinson and Kristen StewartCinemania
    Kristen Stewart wanted to clarify that the basic difference between her and Lady Di is that she does whatever she wants. Beyond whether hers were always the best possible choices, it seems more doubtful that she would have been the free owner of her destiny from the moment in which Robert Pattinson gave her the first kiss, under the watchful eye of Catherine Hardwicke, during the tests. Twilight casting , when she was barely 17 years old, about the age Diana met Carlos, who was dating her older sister at the time.

Be that as it may, the spark of love in the two couples occurred within the framework of a much larger engagement, the British Crown and a Hollywood franchise, under the scrutiny of a pink, yellow, and all-colored press. If Diana died the tunnel of fame, let us remember the global trauma caused by the breakdown of the entity known as the Robsten, as a result of the photos, published by the press, in which Rupert Sanders, director of Snow White and the legend of the hunter (2012), in addition to being a married man, he went out hugging his actress.

Sanders had to publicly apologize, Kristen had to publicly apologize, and her infidelity, radiographed by the press, affected Trump himself, the tweeting president, as if Stewart’s sex life was a matter of state, until the actress went out to the happened on SNL saying that of “I’m so Gay” specially dedicated to the albino tycoon.

  1. The gayest moment

He had the courage to photograph himself with AIDS patients when everyone disowned them and went to party with Freddie Mercury, but Lady Di never saw herself, as far as anyone knows, as a queer person, and that there is an Instagram account, quite a fun, in which her most lesbian looks are posted, in addition to the fact that, to make matters worse, Emma Corin has just come out of the closet.

As everyone knows, Kristen Stewart has been adding girlfriends since she left the palace on Twilight, and she just announced her wedding to Dylan Meyer. Lady Di and Kristen Stewart are linked by their defense of the LGTBQ + collective, in different times and circumstances, with different degrees of involvement, but there is a scene from Spencer in particular that, more than a dialogue between the two, is received as an echo of when Kristen he was with his friend, assistant and confidant Alicia Cargile, his first known girlfriend.

In addition, it takes place on the beach, like the photos of Kristen and Alicia’s walks through Malibu, when theirs was still nothing more than a rumor, a romance no longer too disguised, which had the approval of Bear, the dog he had adopted with Pattinson. In Spencer also they leave dogs.

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