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The European Blockchain Convention Of Barcelona Returns Amid Euphoria

Bitcoin’s appreciation this year has sparked investor euphoria. The support of large companies, institutional investment and gurus like Elon Musk (Tesla) is benefiting the multiple players in the blockchain sector . One of the beneficiaries of this euphoria has been the European Blockchain Convention (EBC) that is organized in Barcelona between April 12 and 16 in an exclusively virtual format.

This year, the congress organized by Victoria Gago and Daniel Salmerón will have a hundred speakers, more than 2,000 attendees and a score of sponsors.

Not even the masks are capable of hiding the smile of the organizers who recognize the “splendor” of the “unstoppable situation” that is being experienced. Many of the protagonists of the meeting also smile to themselves because except for incongruities they must have more precious bitcoins in their pockets than the average.

The congress born in Barcelona in a physical way in 2018 is already a link between technology and an economic world eager to prosper. Its organizers announce that the fifth edition of the congress will focus on blockchain applications from a practical point of view, on digital assets, tokenization applications, or the application of blockchain in industry and in supply chains.

There will also be presentations on digital identity, custody of crypto assets or the role of central banks in digital money.

The relevant role of experts from the pharmaceutical sector in the presentations, but also of Spanish banks and the ECB, is striking. The business sector is increasingly aware that it cannot be left out of the blockchain applications, the current ones and those that have to arrive. And the money is pending on new companies and new entrepreneurs who have something to say about the future.

For Victoria Gago , co-founder of the EBC, blockchain “is revolutionizing both the public and private sectors with the existence of projects such as EBSI (European Blockchain Services Infrastructure), the blockchain platform of the European Commission.” In his opinion, “the boom in expectations generated by the ‘tokenization’ of digital assets is the main cause of open expectations for companies.”

This fact, remember, was reflected in the auction that took place just a few days ago when a piece of art that did not exist in the physical world was auctioned for 69 million dollars, from which the buyer received a digital token known as NFT. “In the future all assets will become tokens, thus speeding up the buying and selling process, “Gago said.

Speakers at the congress include representatives of companies such as ConsenSys, R3, BBVA, Commerzbank, SEAT, Brave, European Commission, London Stock Exchange, American Express, Rakuten, Banco Santander, Protocol Labs, Hyperledger, Streamr, Forbes, Polkadot or Vodafone .

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