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The Origin Of The Confusion In The Nominations With Jose Coronado

The risks of the direct, you know, do not respect anyone. And the effort of repeating the title of The Good Pattern 20 times (twenty!) Can take anyone out of reality, as if it were a mantra. Add to that the fact that two of the competing films have the same title, and we will have the key to the skid in the Goya 2022 nominations.

What has happened? Well, when announcing the nominees for Best Original Screenplay, there was a slight mismatch between the titles that Jose Coronado was reading and the posters that the Film Academy and TVE were superimposing in their broadcast. Specifically, between those of La Libertad directed by Clara Roquet (the real nominee) and La Libertad by Enrique Urbizu, whose poster appeared in the event’s streaming.

Although the two films have nothing in common (one is an initiation drama about immigration, and the other is a western in 19th century Spain; a feature film version of the miniseries released simultaneously on Movistar +), the coincidence of titles made Coronado and Nathalie Poza had to point out “Libertad, by Clara Roquet” and “Libertad, by Enrique Urbizu” when reading each category.

But, with so much going back and forth between the two films, the video team ended up making a slight slip, which forced the four applicants to read this section again.

Fortunately, Coronado’s professional boards helped humor the stumble. After announcing the confusion and warning by saying “we erase everything and start again, okay, comrades?”, The Madrid actor smiled and remembered: “We are human.” Something to which the audience responded with applause.

Finally, Clara Roquet’s Libertad has obtained six nominations (best film, best new director, best supporting actress, best new actress, best original screenplay and best cinematography), while Enrique Urbizu’s film will only aspire for best makeup and hairdressing.

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