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The Original Paper Superheroes Who Have Conquered Mark Ruffalo

The original paper superheroes who have conquered Mark Ruffalo. The Hulk interpreter posts this Marvel superproduction made with cutouts on his Instagram. ‘Avengers 5’ is already underway, although it will wait. Mark Ruffalo shares shirtless photo to promote coronavirus vaccination.

What does it take to shoot a Marvel blockbuster ? Mark Ruffalo must know, as a veteran of the House of Ideas. So if the Hulk himself gives the go-ahead to a superhero battle based on paper cutouts, any objection is unnecessary.

The short that has excited Ruffalo, to the point of echoing him on his instagram, is the work of Rudy Willingham , a tiktoker specialized in this kind of videos and whose work has already caught the attention of celebrities such as rapper Lil Nas X , among others. In this case, it must be recognized that the work is not wasted.

Shang-Chi (accompanied by Katy, the character Awkwafina), one Loki takes advantage from a coat rack to put horns, Thor and, of course, the Colossus Esmeralda are some of the characters who come together (and are given Smacks) in this clip. Hopefully, seeing the results, Kevin Feige takes note.

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