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The Scene Alec Baldwin Rehearsed When Halyna Hutchins Died

A month after the death of Halyna Hutchins , no one doubts that it was due to very poor security measures inside the Bonanza Creek ranch, where Joel Souza was filming a western entitled Rust .

During a rehearsal, Alec Baldwin fired a gun allegedly containing live ammunition, hitting both Hutchins, who was acting as cinematographer, and Souza. While Souza’s injury allowed him to be released hours later, Hutchins’ death has shocked Hollywood, prompting a debate about the presence of guns on sets as New Mexico authorities develop their investigation and launch the first lawsuits. For example, that of Serge Svetnoy , illuminator and close friend of Hutchins.

Both this lawsuit and the police investigations point to three sources: Alec Baldwin (as an actor and producer of Rust), Hannah Gutierrez-Reed (gunsmith in charge of the props car that contained the gun) and David Halls , assistant director who He handed the gun to Baldwin, assuring him that it was “cold,” meaning that it contained no ammunition.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , in the last hours a new lawsuit has been filed at the hands of Mamie Mitchell , the script hired for Rustwho was the first to call 911 on the day of the shooting. For now, the details listed by this lawsuit are the most disturbing that have loomed over production, pointing to a climate of absolute insecurity and negligence on the part of those responsible.

‘Rust’ set
Mamie Mitchell, represented by attorney Gloria Allred , claims in her lawsuit that the scene Baldwin rehearsed when Hutchis died was not supposed to include any gunshots. Apparently, what they then had to prepare were three simple shots to film after lunch: one of Baldwin’s eyes, another of a bloodstain on his shoulder, and another taking the pistol out of the holster. “There was nothing in the script about the gun being fired by Alec Baldwin or anyone else,” Mitchell says. “Prior to the time Baldiwn unloaded the weapon, no rehearsals had been called and the crew had not started filming.”

The story gets complicated
The script not only blames Baldwin for shooting without the shooting plan contemplating it; he also questions his actions when he received the gun from Halls. “Baldwin had no right to rely on an alleged deputy director’s statement that it was ‘a cold gun.’ Mr. Baldiwn cannot hide behind this to try to justify the fact that he did not check the weapon himself ” . When the actor fired, likewise, Mitchell was less than a meter from him, and the proximity would have caused him to suffer “serious physical trauma, shock and injuries . ” The same ones that, according to his lawyer, will prevent him from continuing to practice his profession from now on.

“Mamie will not be in a position to be a script on any plate again in the near future, maybe ever, because of what she experienced,” Allred told a press conference. Mitchell is demanding an unspecified amount in damages and the lawsuit is aimed at Baldwin (as producer and responsible for the shooting), Gutierrez-Reed and Halls, who already had a considerable history of negligence behind him before he They will hire you for Rust . The producers, in fact, have also been sued in full, distributed by labels such as El Dorado Pictures, Thomasville Pictures, Short Porchi Pictures, Brittany House Pictures or Streamline Global.

In recent days, several sources have spoken of non-compliance with anti-COVID protocols, accidental discharges and a common concern about security measures that led to the fact that, hours before the shooting, a large part of the team left the set . To overcome this, new non-union personnel were hired right there, participating in new irregularities that Mitchell’s lawsuit also records.

“The producers intended to bypass what was laughably viewed as the usual bureaucracy in Hollywood-based productions, taking part of the Rust film set out of Georgia and New Mexico,” notes the script , citing “at least two cases of weapons failures prior ” to Hutchins’ death.

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