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The Sitges Festival Studies An Early Morning Session While Selling More Tickets

The Sitges Fantastic Film Festival has sold more than 55,000 tickets, compared to 32,000 in the same period last year, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, and does not rule out offering an early morning session this Saturday before the announcement of the elimination of restrictions on activities cultural

The director of the contest, Ángel Sala, in the usual meeting with the media after the festival’s equator, has also revealed that in the 2022 edition there will be a “great tribute” to “Tron”, directed by Steven Lisberger; to “The Thing”, by John Carpenter; and “Conan the Barbarian”, by John Milius, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, when the 40th anniversary of all of them will be fulfilled.

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Valuing this year’s edition very positively, with a 70% capacity, Sala has advanced that the organization, given the fact that the Generalitat of Catalonia has approved a resolution so that the capacity will once again be 100% in activities and spaces cultural, studies offering a session with a film in the early morning from Saturday to Sunday, around 0.30 am, as “a tribute to the public.”

With the data he manages, he has considered that the influx of the public is similar to that of 2019. However, he has opined that nothing will be the same as that year because “we have a new paradigm and we must do things differently. The world ended in 2020 and that of the cinema too “.

In his opinion, “nostalgia” must be put aside and we must talk about the future and that platforms, cinemas, exhibitors, producers and festivals feel “to see where to go, to know what the public wants and what the industry needs. “

For Ángel Sala, movie theaters are still “very important”, but so are “platforms”, of which the festival is a “friend” and it has already advanced that, if this year Netflix and Amazon Prime have been present, “next year more will come.”

“A new way of conceiving the industry and festivals has arrived, we cannot sleep on past successes,” he stressed, adding: “We have to rethink the audiovisual panorama from all points of view.”

At this point, he has proclaimed: “Nostalgia is very good for home, I also spend the day watching old movies, but let’s talk about the future. In 2019 we were very well, but it is already dead, now comes 2022.”

As for whether the opening film for 2022 could be “Venus”, by Jaume Balagueró, with Ester Exposito, and about which its creators spoke yesterday in Sitges, he replied that a formal proposal has been made and that he trusts Balagueró and Álex de la Iglesia and his “The Fear Collection” so that they have the project ready by then.

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