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This Is How Innjoo Air Purifiers Are

Any help is good at home and work to try to protect yourself from the threat of viruses and bacteria . A suitable tool is the air purifiers advertised by Innjoo , designed with an active filtering system in phases with Hepa filters. Through the three layers of particle capture, these devices eliminate bad odors and pollen, while solving environmental problems derived from poor ventilation or contamination.

They provide intelligent features and are compatible with voice assistants , an outstanding fact is that they notify the user of when to replace the Hepa filters, taking into account that their useful life can reach 2,200 hours . They are managed through an app that makes it possible to program their use or activate one of the three preset modes: sleep, medium and high.

Air purifiers, whose presence in the market is growing significantly, have become highly valued equipment by consumers, either because they are capable of minimizing allergies, reducing environmental pollution, reducing the concentrations of microorganisms in the environment or simply improve the quality of the air inside the house.

The Innjoo company , which was born in 2014 in Spain, and which already operates in more than 30 countries, including China, where its central warehouses are located, are committed to a simple but effective product typology at an adjusted price. In fact, its One model is priced at just over 100 euros.

One model, outstanding features
It is an equipment adjusted in price and with efficient benefits, since it is suitable in spaces that may contain particles that are harmful to health, that is, from dust, pollen or tobacco, to bacteria and microorganisms harmful to people or pets.

It is based on a system that absorbs air, and integrates filters to expel clean air. It has an active filtering mechanism in phases with Hepa filters . They are three layers to capture particles that allow, from eliminating bad odors to reducing the problem of contamination inside the house or the existence of pollen particles. It can connect to WiFI, and it is compatible with Alexa.

By connecting to the mobile, it offers information on when it is necessary to replace the filters, as well as schedule the use and set the operating power.

The device is prepared to clean an area of ​​about 11 square meters (it cleans 90 cubic meters per hour). It stands out for its silent operation, so it can be used in the bedroom and changed rooms at will, due to its low weight.

The One, which costs 110 euros, works slowly and steadily cleaning 90 cubic meters per hour, enough for most needs. If more capacity is required, the brand has the Pro model, which cleans areas of 45-55 m2, with a price of 180 euros.

Added values
The control is fully tactile and performs its functions in almost total silence, nothing uncomfortable for people who share space with the product.

It consists of a timer for automatic deactivation in addition to different working modes: sleep, medium and high. Easy management from the custom app . Its size is compact and its minimalist design, so it fits well in any type of decorative style.

Diverse offer
The company has launched three models of these devices that come with cylindrical shapes, in white and dark gray tones and that are called InnJoo Purifier One, Purifier Plus and Purifier Pro.

All of them have an active filtering system in phases with Hepa filters that eliminate aerosols that may contain respiratory viruses and that, thanks to the three layers of particle capture, can also eliminate bad odors and pollen.

They are compatible and controllable from speakers with Alexa, notifying the user when it is necessary to replace the Hepa filters. Its mobile application allows you to program its use or activate the preset modes: sleep, medium and high.

As for the differences between the models, in addition to the external appearance, the main difference is the space they are able to cover. The One is designed for an area of ​​about 11 m2, the Plus model for between 20 and 30 m2 and the most powerful, the Pro, is capable of purifying a room of up to 45-55 m2.

The prices are 109.95, 129.95 and 179.95 euros respectively.

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