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This Song Spoils All The Movies You’ve Ever Recommended

In 2007 there were many of us who met El Reno Renardo thanks to the song Camino a Moria . Using the melody of the Camino a Soria by Gabinete Caligari , this unknown band paid tribute to the history of JRR Tolkien , and left for posterity such witty phrases like that “Gandalf, son of a bitch, how well you are doing on your steed, we in the paint” muttered by the hobbits. Camino a Soria appeared on the album entitled precisely El Reno Renardo , debut of a musical project led by Jevo Jerardo, who had previously served in Valhalla or Soulitude. It was, without a doubt, an unbeatable cover letter.

The Reno Renardo has not stopped working in all these years, using his parodic heavy metal (also called freak metal ) to pay tribute to the likes of his leader or satirize the corners of everyday life, without ever leaving the cinema aside. Hence, his next albums were titled El Reno Renardo y el Reino de la Cagalera de Bisbal or, at the top of his wits, El improperio counterattacks , and now Jerardo has once again crossed our path with a song that could lead to practical jokes. . This year Reno Renardo has published El Mundo Se Va A La Mierda through Maldito Records, in whose tracklist stands out a very striking title cut: Spoilerman.

And indeed, Spoilerman takes the voice of a character hell-bent on spoiling the twists of the most famous films that come to mind, especially if directed by Christopher Nolan or Shyamalan . There is The Forest, The Final Trick, Shutter Island, Memento, the inevitable Sixth Sense, Interstellar or even Bohemian Rhapspody , where according to the Reno “AIDS Queen caught” . The song also alludes to the new Star Wars movies , where the Skywalker brothers die, and you are blown away by the ending of Usual Suspects or Saw using unique verses such as”The dead man that appears in Saw is Jigsaw alive the bastard.” Where, in case you don’t appreciate it, Saw rhymes with ” bastard .”

The chorus says “I am Spoilerman” many times, and to finish the play also includes a couple of spoilers from the television series. There they are Game of Thrones or Los Serrano , whose entirety was “a rare dream . ” You can listen to the full song below.

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