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Tom Holland wants to make a cameo in ‘Euphoria’

Rumors that Tom Holland and Zendaya (co-stars in the MCU’s Spider-Man movies ) have a romantic relationship date back to 2017, shortly after Spider-Man: Homecoming was released. It has not been until this year that they have confirmed it, the promotion of No Way Home is close , and the knowledge of their courtship has marked their interactions with the press. As a favorite Internet couple, those who play Peter Parker and MJ have not given many details of their day to day, but occasionally they cannot help but refer to it, as it has happened during an interview with IMDb .

Holland and Zendaya have had a great time working on the Spider-Man trilogy and, waiting for it to continue (both Sony and Disney seem interested in it, following the splendid debut at the box office that No Way Home is having ) , they would like to collaborate again soon. Euphoria , the acclaimed HBO series that gave Zendaya an Emmy, could be a good opportunity. However, filming for the second season has concluded with a view to a 2022 premiere , and no one has suggested that Holland make a cameo. Something that bothers him a bit.

“I’ve been asking for this for a long time and it hasn’t happened yet, and I’m very disappointed. I must have been to visit Euphoria 30 times this season. ” The actor giddy drops that he has accompanied Zendaya numerous times on set, and the actress reacts to his disappointment with a sense of humor. “I know! Let me talk to some people. HBO, let’s get on the phone! ” , reply. In Euphoria, she plays Rue, the protagonist of a series focused on the adolescent cosmos that does not exclude drugs, sex or other complex issues, and which has emerged as one of the great jewels of the chain’s recent vintage.

After the triumph of the first season, the plan of Sam Levinson , its creator, was to shoot new episodes in March 2020, but the pandemic did not make it possible. In the planning to develop this second season, Levinson again collaborated with Zendaya on both Malcolm & Marie (one of the most underrated films of the year) and two Euphoria Christmas specials . It seems like it’s late for Holland to make the leap to television by making a cameo appearance on the show, but hopefully they can agree to appear in the following season.

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