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Villeneuve Believes That ‘Tenet’ Is A Masterpiece

Before the announcement that Warner would release all the films of 2021 under a hybrid model (that is, between theaters and HBO Max), there were two figures whose anger obtained great media resonance. One of them was Christopher Nolan , calling HBO Max “the worst streaming service” and leaving Warner as soon as he could, to arrive at Universal and have Oppenheimer , his next film, produced there .

The other was Denis Villeneuve , fearing that the simultaneity of windows would affect the collection of Dune, his new film that has just been released in the US after a profitable tour abroad. In these months, Villeneuve has had no choice but to swallow his words about Warner, and pray that Dune raises enough to guarantee a sequel.

Beyond these industrial dramas, in line with its recent premiere Villeneuve has attended the ReelBlend podcast , and has been able to talk about the last film by the director who shared with him his discomfort towards Warner: Tenet , by Christopher Nolan. This film was called to lead the way for cinemas to recover from the pandemic crisis, but it caused a great division among audiences.

Villeneuve, however, is one of those who believe that Tenet is excellent. “ Tenet blew me away. It is a masterpiece, an incredible cinematographic achievement ” , he assures. “I had a lot of fun, I saw it several times and each time it was a revolution. Christopher Nolan’s level of mastery is unmatched. “

Quentin Tarantino and John David Washington
Villeneuve did not hesitate to praise Nolan’s style, and to take advantage of these praise to influence the importance of the theatrical experience over streaming . “He is by far one of the best filmmakers working in the world today, because people don’t realize the level of his cinematographic mastery, it’s crazy. Crazy. Every time Chris brings a movie to the screen, I have to watch it at the theater. And of course that’s where I saw Tenet . You can’t watch a Nolan movie at home, that doesn’t make any sense. You have to receive all its impact in the cinema. “

“It’s really fascinating to see how he evolves from one movie to another and how he always goes further, both from a technical and a narrative point of view, and always reinvents himself. It is deeply inspiring to see a teacher at work, ” concludes Villeneuve, echoing Quentin Tarantino’s words in praising Nolan’s film so emphatically. Unlike Tarantino, however, Villeneuve has made no reference to the difficulty of following the plot, which caused the author of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to need to watch it multiple times.

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