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Villeneuve Considers It A Miracle To Have Been Able To Continue Directing

In recent years, Denis Villeneuve’s career has been marked by increasingly ambitious projects, either by the complexity of the starting material or by the enormity of the company … especially once he understood that it was science fiction where he wanted to stand out .

Thus, after getting the best reviews of his career with The Arrival , the Canadian became involved in a film of such impossible expectations as Blade Runner 2049 , the sequel to an absolutely seminal science fiction title. And although his effort was highly praised, it cannot be said strictly that it was a success: the sequel to Blade Runnerit crashed at the box office, not exceeding $ 100 million from a budget of around $ 300 million.

What is said a fiasco, which made Alcon Entertainment lose a lot of money. Anyone would have preferred to calm down after such a sacrificial film, but instead Villeneuve thought it was a good idea to get down with his long-awaited adaptation of Dune , managing to convince Warner to take over the project after he had also sponsored Blade Runner 2049.

He is not there It is clear why from Warner they wanted to give Villeneuve a new vote of confidence and the Sicario signatory does not seem to know for sure either, as he has stated during a recent interview in Happy Sad Confused . In this way, the filmmaker is aware of how much he played with Blade Runner 2049.

Cast of ‘Dune’
“The miracle of Blade Runner 2049 is the following: I have continued making films and they keep talking to me,” he synthesizes, preferring not to enter the economic sphere. “I knew that by making that movie I was flirting with disaster. I put myself in massive artistic danger. That was walking, as Christopher Nolan once told me, on sacred ground. It was a sacrilege what I did.

They told me ‘don’t do that’. Just the fact that I kept making movies for myself… at least I wasn’t kicked out of the filmmaking community. It was a dangerous game. ” And no less dangerous is the game of Dune , since it is the first part of an adaptation that has cost a million, and that is released at a particularly complex time for the industry.

Dune: Part II , which would complete the Frank Herbert story, needs theprevious Dune to obtain a satisfactory collection to receive the green light: one that has to be framed within the United States in the Warner hybrid model, according to which the film it will arrive simultaneously to HBO Max and to theaters… with consequent piracy. Fortunately, Dune has been released much earlier in other markets, including Spain, and in all of them it is running into spectacular numbers. Hopefully these will continue once he arrives in the US, and Villeneuve can thus fulfill his dream of adolescence. A goal that, as he has also commented, is the basic pressure of his new film.

“There are two different pressures with Blade Runner and Dune . With Blade Runner he had to be respectful of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece. It was more of an act of love, but this is completely different. I am faced with the pressure of dreams that I had as a teenager, ” said the Canadian director. “I was a great dreamer, and the adolescent in me is totalitarian and I have to fulfill his dreams. That was the biggest challenge ” . After its international tour, Dune arrives in the US on October 22 .

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