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Ways To Connect The Nexus Ad With Loki

Scarlet Witch and Vision continue to give us Easter Eggs in the commercials that are sneaked into the sitcom in which the lives ofWanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) have become. Sometimes, they are simple winks or references for Marvel fans, but others can hide crucial information for the future of the MCU.

The seventh episode of the series, without going any further, has brought us the announcement of an antidepressant called Nexus, which “re-anchors you in your reality, or the reality of your choice.” Side effects are feeling your feelings, facing the truth, or assuming your destiny. That is, more depression so you can get on with your life. “Nexus, because the world doesn’t revolve around you.”

Without a doubt, the spot alludes to the pain for the loss of Vision that Wanda felt, and that has led her to try to recover it at all costs. But, in addition, in Marvel Nexus it refers to a kind of interdimensional door that connects different realities and that could open the doors to the multiverse.

As Screen Rant collects , the name may be connected to the existence of Marvel’s Nexus beings, strange individuals with powers that affect the probabilities and, in essence, the future. These are series that are the key to the multiverse.

But things don’t end here because Nexus could also lead us to Loki, the next Marvel series, with Thor’s little brother (once again played by Tom Hiddleston) as the absolute protagonist. It is very likely that, between time travel and time travel, the plot includes the Temporal Variation Authority, which has a long history with Nexus beings.

This mysterious organization, which debuted in the cartoons in 1986, is a bureaucratic group tasked with overseeing the Marvelite multiverse to ensure timelines are not altered. As they are responsible for taking action if something changes in the past, it is not surprising that they hunt down Loki in their series after he took over the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame.

Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) tells us about her sorrows. ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision What if all this circus is NOT Wanda’s thing?

In the comics, this agency, and especially its subgroup the Guardians of Time, have had several run-ins with the Nexus series, including the Scarlet Witch, who has been overseen by this organization due to her powers. With Olsen’s little witch altering reality and affecting the timelines in the series, the Temporal Variation Authority might even go through Scarlet Witch and Vision first to stop her.

Let’s remember that Loki is also known for using temporary portals in cartoons, so the agency in question will have work on the marvelitas series for Disney +. The fiction Loki, which opens in May, is sure to get us out of doubt about all these issues.

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