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What Happened At The Astroworld Festival, Where 8 People Died?

Two days after the tragedy at the Astroworld festival in Houston (Texas) there are eight adolescents and young people between 14 and 27 years old dead , dozens of injured including a 10-year-old boy hospitalized in critical condition, hundreds of traumatized people and many questions still unanswered . Local authorities announced Saturday that they have already opened two investigations , one independent from the county and the other criminal, that are being led by homicide and narcotics agents from the local police department. And at the center of these inquiries are the organization of the eventand the security plans, as well as the response once the medical emergencies began to a kind of avalanche that lasted over time, but also information that someone could inject drugs among the attendees.

There were security and crowd control plans , as detailed by the authorities. In fact, 528 police officers and 755 private security officers were reported to have been deployed on Friday on the first day of the two planned for the festival, created in 2018 by rapper Travis Scott and hosted by Live Nation Entertainment, the largest. world promoter of live events. This edition was held outdoors at Houston’s NRG Park and was, in the words of Mayor Sylvester Turner, “safer than the baseball world series.”

Overflowing teams
The forces of order and medical teams were in any case overwhelmed when the emergency began. Between fainting and people trampled by the mass that began to compress towards the front of the stage, the staff was ” quickly overwhelmed, ” as explained by the fire chief, Samuel Peña, who reported that 62 official ambulances joined the response . In a statement to ‘The New York Times’ also, one of the doctors who were at the festival, Sami Anjum, explained that many of those attending the concert did not collaborate to facilitate access to those affected by medical emergencies, of which he highlighted the “volume, variety, speed and variability ”.

Another question that arises is whether planned assistance has overflowed . In the morning, people were seen jumping the entry barriers, something that already happened in the 2019 edition, but the authorities ruled out on Saturday that the park, which has capacity for 200,000 people , had become too crowded .

Likewise, now it is questioned whether the organizers should have suspended the concert earlier than they did, because 37 minutes passed from when the emergency began until Scott’s performance ended . It’s a possibility, however, that he rejects Houston Police Chief Troy Finner. “You can’t just cancel when you have more than 50,000 people that young, ” he explained. “There may be riots .”

Possible drug attack
Turner, the mayor, also confirmed on Saturday that reports are being investigated that multiple people were attacked with needles and assured that “nothing is ruled out.” And involuntary injections have been confirmed in at least one case. As Finner explained at a press conference, the Houston police chief, a security agent who was trying to restrain a person was punctured in the neck and fainted and had to be resuscitated with narcan , the drug used in the United States. United to resurrect after opiate overdose. The medical personnel who treated this agent noticed that he had a mark on his neck that was “similar to what would be left when someone tries to inject,” Finner said. Also Peña, the fire chief, confirmed that several of the festival goers had to be treated with narcan during the emergency.

“Maybe the plans were inadequate , maybe the plans were good but they weren’t followed, maybe it was something completely different,” Lina Hidalgo, Harris County judge and chief public authority, told the press conference. “This tragedy may be the result of unpredictable events , an accumulation of circumstances that could not have been avoided, but until we determine that I will ask the difficult questions ,” he promised.

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