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Whoever accused me of sexual harassment has incurred slander

The theater director Joan Ollé, has announced that he will present a complaint to the Col·legi de Periodistas against ‘Ara’ and ‘’ for the “public lynching”, in his opinion,suffered as a result of the publication in ‘Ara’ of a report on abuse of power and sexual harassment at the Institut del Teatre, where he worked as a teacher for 40 years.

“Today, almost nine months after I was accused, I want to reiterate: that never, neither inside nor outside the Institut del Teatre, have I committed the crime of sexual harassment of the Penal Code. Whoever accused me of it has incurred slander” . He recalled that the investigation of the Commission for the prevention and investigation of harassment of the Institut del Teatre, of which students from the center are part, “unanimously concluded the filing of the accusations”, as there is no evidence against them, he said.

Ollé, who was seen, denounced, turned into “a Harvey Weinstein to walk around the house”, prepares a book about what happened. Regarding the title, he doubts between two possibilities, one more Rilkean, ‘Letters to a young student of the Institut del Teatre’ or ‘Arakiri’, thus, without ‘h’. For now, “for the moment,” he said, he ruled out taking legal action.

They have been very hard months for him and his family, he assures. “From one day to the next I was considered the black beast of Catalan theater”, after the dissemination of information “little or badly contrasted”, according to him. He was estranged from his students and the two media where he collaborated.

Between friends
In the first public appearance before the media, he had the support of cultural representatives such as the writer Jordi Coca, the singer Joan Manuel Serrat, the director Pau Monterde -former director of the Institut del Teatre-, veteran actors such as Pep Munné and former students yours from some of the latest promotions like Joana Romero and Igor Szparkowski. Ollé wanted to close a chapter and focus on another more exciting one: ‘Canuda, 26. Arts escèniques i humanitats’, a central and bright apartment where he presented his act of reparation.

This will be your “base camp” from now on, a cultural space that will serve, among others, to create small-format theatrical shows. His first project will be the staging of a monologue starring Pep Munné, ‘Petit tractat d’ intolerància ‘, based on a work by Stéphane Charbonier, one of the members of the satirical magazine’ Charlie Hebdo ‘who died in the Islamist terrorist attack which killed 11 people in 2015.

Joan Ollé breaks his silence
But in his first meeting with the press Ollé prevailed on the other topic: “The witch hunt” of which he has felt a victim, he believes. As he said in a statement last March, Ollé has reiterated his innocence. “I have never had a romantic or sexual relationship with any student, or given any role in exchange for any favor.” In short: “There is no case or cause.” He has only acknowledged one of the accusations leveled against him. “My big mistake was drinking in class.” And, as he confesses, it is a problem that he has already put a stop to: “I stopped drinking on 23-F.”

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