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Will Smith Says He Did Not Participate In ‘The Suicide Squad’

Will Smith says he did not participate in ‘The Suicide Squad’ due to scheduling problems. Having abandoned his role as Deadshot, the actor claims that he is willing to return to the DC Universe.

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Was the absence of Will Smith in the Suicide Squad loss unfortunate, or reprieve? There the taste of each one, but the actor affirms that, if he did not play Deadshot in the reboot / sequel directed by James Gunn , it was due to scheduling problems.

“I was working and they were ready to shoot,” says Smith in a video interview for GQ (via The Playlist ). “It was all a matter of timing,” he adds.

In fact, the actor claims to have been afraid that DC had given his role to Idris Elba, who did intervene in the film as the villain Bloodsport. “They’ve left Deadshot out [of The Suicide Squad], right? So Idris Elba plays a different character, or is he going to be Deadshot? Is he a different character? Okay, cool, because that way I can go back.”

At the time, Will Smith’s discharge sparked rumors, according to which he would have demanded that DC give his son Jaden Smith a role in his films . However, producer Peter Safran denied it, assuring that the Suicide Squad schedule was very tight due to Gunn’s tight schedule and his return to Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 .

With things like this, Safran said, there was no way to balance schedules so Smith could join the shoot. Now, however, we already know that the actor is available to put the hood back on.

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