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You may not notice, but Mahersala Ali appears in ‘Eternals’ as Blade

Eternals has two post-credit scenes that, while they don’t connect its title characters to other familiar faces from the MCU, do anticipate some very interesting things for the future of the franchise. How could it be otherwise, the appearance of Harry Styles as Eros (Thanos’s brother) has captured all the attention, but in this case we would like to notice the second scene, the one that involves Kit Harrington as Dane Whitman.

Throughout Chloé Zhao’s film , Whitman has appeared to be an ordinary human, guaranteeing with his bonhomics that the world deserves to be saved by the Eternals. However, in these last seconds we began to understand what he meant when he spoke to Sersi ( Gemma Chan) of his family’s secrets.

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Whitman appears in front of a box that he does not dare to open. When he gathers strength he does it and obtains a majestic sword, where he reads the inscription “Death is my reward . ” Before he can grasp it, however, a voice interrupts him. “Are you sure you’re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?” .

The scene concludes and we cannot see who has questioned Whitman, but shortly after Eternals was released, that information was already circulating on the Internet. It was Mahersala Ali who spoke, and of course it was not just a cameo: at Comic-Con 2019 Kevin Feige revealed that they had signed Ali to play Blade in a future Marvel movie.

The production of this hypothetical Blade has not advanced much since then (it has recruited Stacy Osei-Kuffour as a screenwriter and Bassam Tariq as a director ), but the post-credits scene of Eternals could imply that work is already being done on how to fit in. the vampire slayer in the MCU timeline.

Of course, what happened with Whitman refers us to his presence in the comics as the lethal Black Knight, being the weapon that contemplates the Ebon Sword, of great supernatural powers. Although Blade and Black Knight have never had much to do with cartoons, the vampire slayer’s specialty is supernatural crimes, hence it is possible that Eternals is anticipating a Blade film where Mahersala Ali must face an alienated Kit Harrington.

Although all are speculations, and in the days since the premiere of Eternals no one has spoken of a possible continuation or a new Marvel project. Ali has spoken, for his part, about how it was the experience of playing Blade for the first time, via Empire . “It was really cool, getting to do that. And terrifying. Because, you know, you’re talking before you shoot it. I am very demanding with my job, like most actors, so having to make decisions as soon as possible caused me real anxiety, ” acknowledges the two-Oscar winner. “And that made the job real. It’s like ‘okay, this is happening now,’ and it’s exciting. “

“The world of Marvel is obviously the biggest in cinema, and just having a little introduction there (first at Comic-Con a couple of years ago, and now at this early stage) has felt special and great, I’m excited to continue. go ahead, ” Ali continues, admitting that he has no idea when Blade will start shooting. But he assures: “We are arriving. We are getting closer ”.

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