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YouTube Announces Teen Accounts With Parental Controls

YouTube announces teen accounts with parental controls.

The platform wants parents to limit the options in their accounts for minors to access the videos.

YouTube announced this Wednesday that it is going to launch a new functionality to allow users under 13 years of age to access the Google video platform with their parents’ account, and that they configure the options that allow them to watch. The option is still in the testing phase (beta).

The announcement is linked to the new requirements of YouTube and Google that all its users use their services with registered accounts, and the fact that the laws of most countries (including Spain) require that to have an account on social networks You must be at least 13 years old.

YouTube had already launched a channel for minors, Youtube Kids, in 2015, but, according to the head of marketing for family products, James Beser, who signs a post on the corporate blog announcing the novelty, “preteens and young adolescents have needs different that our products do not fill completely, “he says. And it is that YouTube Kids is very childish.

The platform has required, for a few months, any content creator to specify in a box if their content is created specifically for children. Before, it simply demanded if it was “adult” content, even if they veto porn.

In parentally controlled accounts, parents will be able to select the type of content they want to let their children see, and the platform will apply the filters, based on “data provided by the creators, machine learning and human intervention” to determine which videos they will be able to see. be seen.

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